Up2Date Fashion
Specialized in Women's Sleepwear

Up2date Fashion is a small family own business and like any other small family owned business we made our way from the ground up. After putting in years of hard work in the garment industry and learning every aspect of the business, our family begun to independently manufacture our own garments, while continue to serve other customers as well for their private labels. The best thing about Up2date Fashion is family dedication! Meaning our entire family is involved in the production of high-quality garments. No middle man means we can offer you, the consumer Products, we ourselves have individually inspected, tested and approved without defects. Bottom line, we pass on to you, the best we have to offer! The final product is always guarenteed. Our motto is " A Good Rest, Since You Went for the Best".

Yes, we are simply the best when its comes to sleepwear. We Manufacture a full line, specializing in women's apparel. Do Contact Us for all your sleepwear needs for men, women and childrens. Up2date Fashion is ready to work for you!

For all our US customer we now offer 
 Free shipping on all their purchase on any order of $15 or more. Check out our collection in Shop Retail and start shopping. While shopping don't forget to check out monthly special for great savings. Make user purchase using Paypal or simply call us at 732-322-3640 if you would like to use any major credit for secure transactions. We accept All Major Credit Cards
All wholesalers and international buyers, please contact us for pricing and shipping charges. Remember we ship daily!
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